Fire Extinguisher Service for Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals in the Seattle, Tacoma, and Puget Sound area.

In line with our family motto, since 2005, our technicians trained in fire extinguisher services for for Healthcare Facilities and fire extinguisher services for hospitals are dedicated to give top-quality personalized service for your portable fire extinguishers. They understand the importance of selecting the right fire extinguisher for each specific application, as well as conducting thorough inspections, servicing, and maintenance to ensure compliance with fire codes and regulations.

We specialize in offering comprehensive fire extinguisher services for hospitals and fire extinguisher services for healthcare facilities with reports on maintenance services specifically tailored for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our technicians are well-versed in the unique requirements of these environments, ensuring that your fire extinguishers are in optimal working condition to protect lives and property.

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What types of fire extinguishers are code required in healthcare facilities and hospitals? The most common extinguisher in hospital corridors and healthcare facilities is ABC extinguishers. This multi-purpose type of extinguisher works for:

(A) Wood, cloth such as drapes, paper

(B) Grease, propane, flammable liquids and

(C) Electrical fires.

You can see the benefits of this broad-based coverage.

In specialty areas like operating rooms, MRI rooms, data centers, and kitchens there are special fire extinguishers for special protection.

For example, in an operating room, a water mist or carbon dioxide extinguisher will knock out the fire without damaging equipment.

In an MRI a non-magnetic extinguisher is required and in a data room, a clean agent extinguisher is used.

In a kitchen, a Class “K” extinguisher is necessary that turns the fuel of the fire (usually grease) into a type of soap and the fire can be smothered with this type of extinguisher.

Electrical fires also called Class “C” can utilize a carbon dioxide extinguisher once the electrical equipment is unplugged and de-energized.

Each area of the healthcare facility or hospital will have its own type of fire extinguisher designed to meet the needs of the fire situation.

You may think how could a fire break out in a surgery room?

Surgical fires can occur at any time when all three elements of the fire triangle are present:

  1. Oxidizer (e.g., oxygen, nitrous oxide)
  2. Ignition source (e.g., electrosurgical units (ESUs), electrocautery devices, lasers, and fiber-optic illumination systems)
  3. Fuel source (e.g., surgical drapes, alcohol-based skin preparation agents, the patient’s tissue, hair, or skin)

Most surgical fires occur in oxygen-enriched environments when the concentration of oxygen exceeds 30 percent. When supplemental oxygen is delivered to a patient in an operating room, an oxygen-enriched environment can be created. An open oxygen delivery system, such as a nasal cannula or mask, presents a greater risk of fire than a closed delivery system, such as a laryngeal mask or endotracheal tube. In an oxygen-enriched environment, materials that may not normally burn in room air can ignite and burn.


6-Year Tear-Downs and Certifications:  The removal of the extinguishing agent, replacement of worn parts, refill and repressurize, certification tagging, and re-hanging.  Must be performed by a certified technician.

12-Year Hydrostatic Test and Certification: Pressure testing of an extinguishers’ critical components (eg. cylinder, shell, hose assembly, etc.) for leaks and structural flaws by pressurizing them with a liquid.  Certification tagging and re-hanging.  Must be performed by a certified technician.

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