Fire extinguisher services for manufacturers and fire extinguisher services for Industries in the Seattle, Tacoma and Puget Sound Region

Fire hazards within industrial facilities and manufacturing plants can never be taken lightly. We know that to protect your type of business it takes a vigilant, “what can we do to improve safety approach?” We can help by handling your fire extinguisher inspections, maintenance, and service.

We can provide reports of your fire extinguisher equipment and documentation of your maintenance diligence. We will schedule your service whether monthly or annually and we can help meet any diversity goals your company has. Our technicians are manufacturer-trained and Seattle Fire Dept certified for fire extinguishers to keep you code compliant in fire prevention and safety. Our service area is Seattle and King County, Tacoma, and Pierce County in the Puget Sound area so we are available to be your fire extinguisher supplier.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Schedule

Every Month

  • Complete a visual inspection of each extinguisher

Every Year

  • External Maintenance is required for portable fire extinguishers by a certified technician

Every 5 Years

  • Run a hydrostatic test on both carbon dioxide and water-based extinguishers

Every 6 Years

  • Maintenance, internal and external, is required on your buildings’ stored-pressure (ABC and BC) extinguishers

Every 12 Years

  • Hydrostatic testing is required on both stored pressure and cartridge operated extinguishers


6-Year Tear-Downs and Certifications:  The removal of the extinguishing agent, replacement of worn parts, refill and repressurize, certification tagging, and re-hanging.  Must be performed by a certified technician.

12-Year Hydrostatic Test and Certification: Pressure testing of an extinguishers’ critical components (eg. cylinder, shell, hose assembly, etc.) for leaks and structural flaws by pressurizing them with a liquid.  Certification tagging and re-hanging.  Must be performed by a certified technician.

Fire safety tip for Manufacturer and Industrial customers:

Fire Extinguishers need to be installed at least 4 inches off the ground up to a maximum of 5ft. The exception to this is for extinguishers heavier than 40 lbs, they can only be up to 3 ft 6 inches off the ground and wheeled fire extinguishers don’t need to be off the ground since the wheels already keep the cylinder from touching the floor per NFPA.

Let our professional technicians handle any concerns you have about your fire extinguisher services.  We want to be your fire safety partner.  Your business matters to us. Contact us today!

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