Extinguishers:  Commercial Vehicle Safety


Commercial vehicles require certain safety equipment for vehicle protection and the safety of persons onboard.  This article will address why extinguishers are important to vehicle safety.


The US Dept of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the safety of commercial motor vehicles used on highways for transporting passengers or property.  FMCSA regulations 49 CFR Part 393.95 requires safety equipment on the following trucks, truck tractors, and buses.


  • Vehicles with GVWR, GCWR, or gross vehicle weight over 10,000 Lbs.
  • Buses for compensation with over 8 persons and non-compensations buses with over 15 persons onboard.
  • Vehicles transporting hazardous material requiring placards.


All buses, trucks, and truck tractors require portable fire extinguishers for compliance with FMCSA.  A 10-B:C unit is required for vehicles with hazardous materials and a 5-B:C unit for all others.  An extinguisher agent that doesn’t freeze is required, and each unit must be secured in a manner that prevents sliding, rolling, and vertical movement.  An extinguisher in a vehicle bracket is typically installed for compliance.


Every commercial motor vehicle should carry a complement of the right safety equipment including a fire extinguisher that will help ensure the safety of vehicles, passengers and drivers.